Over the past 16 years, Lynne Sheridan has coached thousands of people in achieving extraordinary results and breaking through perceived limitations and circumstances. Lynne delights in working with people to establish loving, trusting, passionate relationships, losing weight and maintaining health, as well as career and community service goals.  Lynne believes that a coach is not only a champion for who you authentically are, but also someone calling you forth to be who you do not know that you can be.  In accomplishing what previously looked impossible or unattainable, you are filled with a certainty to carry you forward into whatever goals you choose in your future.  A successful coaching relationship shows up in tangible results in the person's life and their day-to-day experience of themselves. 

Lynne offers personal and directed coaching eight-hour days with clients directed towards client's specific intentions.  These custom-designed days are comprised of experiential, therapeutic and other processes designed to forward that specific person exponentially towards goals. 

Limited coaching days available per month and scheduled specifically for those highly motivated towards personal growth and discovery.

Coaching fee:  Please call for pricing and consultation.