Are you committed to living a life of transformation and producing extraordinary results in your life?

Do you want to fully experience passion, joy, freedom and peace as you live your life?


If so, then make a four-month commitment to your life and an investment of $3195 and enroll in the Journey of Transformation through WorldWorks, Inc.

I participated in this life-changing Journey almost twenty years ago and it was probably the most impactful experience of my life.  Yes, so much so that I am a trainer for WorldWorks, but more than that, I am committed that people use powerful tools to be their highest expression of themselves and experience their lives with joy and freedom.  I know no better vehicle to access that than the WorldWorks trainings.  I tell just about everyone about this Journey (my family would love if I would shut up about it, but I will not).  For me, if I see a spark in someone or love that person, then I want them to experience the Journey of Transformation.

The design of the WorldWorks Journey is that you be a person who can declare a goal or accomplishment and then reinvent yourself to accomplish whatever it is that you set out to do.  Most people set goals and then achieve those goals if the circumstances are favorable or if no significant obstacles hinder them.  Leaders are people who impact our world and operate in another way – they accomplish goals DESPITE obstacles, conditions or circumstances.  The WorldWorks Journey of Transformation is an opportunity to become a person who can deliver in any and all situations and live your life with freedom and passion.

Through the Journey, you will participate in the Introductory Course, identifying the beliefs that have shaped who you are, your life and your world.  You will uncover where those beliefs originated and what beliefs are limiting you and your capacity to produce results or experience life fully.  At the same time, you identify beliefs that serve you, and begin to see the way in which you can expand those behaviors and characteristics.  In the Introductory Course you have the opportunity to design the life you have always wanted to live, beginning to step into being the person who delivers on those dreams.  All of the WorldWorks trainings operate at a cellular level rather than simply in the realm of cognitive awareness.  Many of us realize what limits us and holds us back, but that does not necessarily keep any of us from continuing those behaviors or still exhibiting those characteristics.  The Introductory Course begins to move out of the realm of simple awareness and into altering it at a core level.

About ten days after you complete your Introductory Course, you will begin your Experience with the team of people with whom you began your Introductory Course.  In the Experience you will have the opportunity to be related to as the sole and uncontested author of your life.  You get to fully release the past, and step into who you are committed to being for the rest of your life – not as a concept, but experientially.  In the Experience you will forever transform your relationship with fear, discover the key to your own personal power and profoundly experience full self-expression.  The focus of the Experience is on the ‘we’ of life.  All of us do not operate in a vacuum – our lives are lived in relationship with others.  The Experience focuses on who you are in relationship:  your strengths and weaknesses.  In that, you will expand your capacity for intimacy and practice the art of relating and accessing qualities and characteristics that serve in all of your relationships.

The design of the WorldWorks Journey is that you be a person who can declare a goal or accomplishment and then reinvent yourself to accomplish whatever it is that you set out to do.

About fourteen days after you complete your Experience, you and your team will move into the Leadership Practice.  The Leadership Practice is a three-month intensive program with a first weekend training as a team, a second weekend training mid-way through and a final third weekend training to celebrate your accomplishments and acknowledge who you have become in the process.  There is also an outdoor team building day, where, as a team, you will have an intense experience of who you are as a team and where any beliefs are still hindering you showing up as the person you are committed to being.  In The Leadership Practice, you write a contract with yourself about everything you want to accomplish in every area of your life – health and fitness, financial, family and relationship and personal.  Then, over the course of 90 days, working with your team, you accomplish what might have looked impossible prior to the trainings or what you have previously been unable to accomplish.  The Leadership Practice is deliberately about 90 days because research shows that it takes 70-90 days to make or break a habit.  The design of the WorldWorks trainings is that you use what you have learned in the Introductory Course and the Experience to produce real and tangible results in your life and make the learning and ways of being habitual.  The focus of Leadership is on the entire world and recreating transformation in your own life and world.  You will not only learn the skill sets of being a leader and put these into practice; you will also consistently focus out on your world, transforming the lives of others, impacting your community and world.  Studies show that when people focus on others, giving in the world, their consciousness is expanded in the process.  And, as their consciousness is expanded, they naturally want to give more to others.  By the end of the Leadership Practice you will have real and tangible evidence of the difference you are in the world.  Studies have revealed that participants who use all three trainings produce lasting results in their lives and, even years later, are living the principles that they made into habit through Leadership.

The Introductory Course, The Experience and The Journey of Transformation are each valuable and most people are incredibly empowered at the end of each training.  WorldWorks has a strong commitment to those feelings of empowerment not being momentary or each training being a ‘peak experience’ but rather being translated into very real results in the life of the person participating.  The Journey of Transformation is you making a commitment to lasting transformation in your life.

"Many people are scared of change, of that which is new. They are deeply attached to the status quo in which everything appears to be predictable, comfortable, and therefore, safe. But for what I call the evolutionary impulse—the energy and intelligence that gave rise to the universe and is animating our bodies, minds, and personalities in this very moment—that is a description of spiritual stagnation. When you awaken to the dynamism of that creative impulse in yourself, the only place you will feel truly comfortable is at the very edge of the leading edge—where, in every moment, everything is possible and new potentials continually emerge. Evolutionary Enlightenment is a spiritual path and practice that allows you to live on that edge—it creates the conditions within yourself for something new to emerge that has never existed before."  – Andrew Cohen

If you have questions about what I have written, or want to explore this Journey for you and all the people in your life that you will touch, please click on the link below and begin an incredible adventure into what is possible.