The Couples Retreat

The Couples Retreat will focus on the exploration of the growth offered through a romantic relationship and how to dive into that opportunity, expanding each partner in the process.  This experiential workshop will allow couples to:


  • Clarify, explore and expand your vision for your relationship;
  • Illuminate patterns from your family of origin and where these patterns are supporting and getting in the way of intimacy, love and connection;
  • Learn how to fight fairly, expressing upset fully without damaging your relationship, but rather forwarding it;
  • Nurture and develop your capacity to like and respect your partner for who they are.
  • Solve solvable problems and surrender to those that are not “solve-able.”
  • Continue to live into the highest potential of your partnership!

Warm, comfortable private lodging provided as well as nourishing meals in a family-style environment.

Lynne E. Sheridan 
has trained transformational trainings since 1995, and has coached students in Chile, Mexico, Russia and throughout the United States.

In addition to working full time in personal effectiveness trainings, Lynne is licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.     

Lynne has a Certificate in Transpersonal Studies from the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology as well as a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. In her work as a transformational trainer, Lynne coaches people in achieving their dreams and producing extraordinary results in every area of their lives. 
Lynne has been married for five years to an  amazing artist and is the mother of children, who consistently teach and inspire her.



“An incredible workshop that challenged my preconceived ideas of how a relationship should look, feel and be.  Through the sessions and exercises I discovered beliefs and desires that I had for my relationship, which I had not been able to communicate previously and now can.  I see my partner where before I only looked at him.” - Anonymous


“This experience was very rewarding and valuable to see our relationship in a more clear and confident way.  A way to invest in our relationship for us and for our children.  The small group atmosphere was very comfortable and made it very easy to feel safe in being and sharing who we really are.” - Christina


“We had been looking to take our relationship to the next level.  Being together seven years and working through some events that had affected our marriage, we were excited to see what was possible for us.  Well, let me tell you….

I was blown out of the water of my tiny fishbowl!  In three short days, we made strides and got to places I NEVER thought we would be.” -  Vanessa


“Being in couples has created a close, loving, and respectful relationship between Jeff and I, where we actually hear each other and we can create a safe space so we can be authentic and openly share our deepest desires and requests.

I solidified our relationship and I am clear that he is the man I am meant to spent the rest of my life with.  Thank you Lynne for the biggest gift a couple can receive and give each other by attending your training.” -  Rayehe & Jeff



“I came to the workshop thinking this was the O.K.CORRAL– we would have a shoot-out, there would be bodies everywhere, and that this was the end of our marriage.  Instead I found hope, inspiration, tolerance,, even love – I leave full of possibilities to make our relationship work and a whole new understanding and set of tools to make that happen.  And thank you Lynne for crafting that space.” - Rob


“I came to the Couples Retreat as a reluctant husband who felt our relationship was just there.  I actually enjoyed the retreat and found out that my marriage can be a lot better and I/we can and will be a lot happier.  Thanks Lynne.” -Anonymous


“The setting for the Couples Retreat was fantastic.  The information and practice in open, loving, intimate connection with each other was insightful.  We were able to see patterns in how we interact with each other.  In one experiential weekend we have moved closer to each other than we have through years of marriage counseling.” - Anonymous


“For the first time, I really got to see and understand my husband’s wounds.  It was very powerful.  I feel connected and have a greater understanding of how we behave in our relationship.  The Couples Retreat brought us closer and made us see the reasons why we chose one another; and remind us why we love each other.” - Anonymous 


“Thank you for  a deeply moving and challenging weekend. It was thrilling and reassuring to meet, share with, and learn from other couples. My spouse and I were able to begin understanding each other and truly communicate for the first time since we started our relationship over eight years ago — and realize that this was so. We’re looking forward to using the insight and tools we learned during the retreat to become a more loving, connected couple, for ourselves and our daughter. I feel like a new man, in a new marriage — excited that this is just the beginning of something more (and the resort was the perfect setting: comfortable and classy).” - David


“Retreat was a process of realization of positive and negative qualities of a relationship, which gave me sense of determination for a healthy relationship to work and an unhealthy one to end with knowledge and choice.” - Haleh


I was hesitant, resisting, skeptical. Even after I signed up, showed up. But slowly things started to make sense, started to learn things about myself and my partner. A lot of why we argue, why we can’t communicate made sense now. I walked one feeling confident that we had the tools to make our relationship work. I walked out loving my partner more than ever, when a couple weeks ago I had my doubts. I’m glad I made the decision and I have no hesitation to sign up for Couples II. - Edward B.


This training has been incredibly valuable for me, my husband, and my marriage. We have a new appreciation for each other and an understanding of where we’ve created problems and breakdown in our relationship. Most importantly we learned an incredible tool for conflict revolution and to build intimacy. I’m so grateful to Lynne for facilitating such an enriching and fun weekend that gave us space to grow and rediscover deep love! I would recommend this retreat to ANYONE in a committed relationship. - Rachel


We attended couples to enhance our marriage of 33 years What we found were ways we had held on to hurtful areas from out past that were blocking our intimacy. We learned how much we are mirrors of each other and how together worked through those areas. We are stronger now than ever before with amazing tools on how to keep our marriage on the best track possible for another 50+ years! AMAZING! - Mia Roseberry


I created a way to see when I’m triggered by my partner and understand that it is not my partner creating the trigger, it is wounds from my past. I got that no matter how often I run away or replace other people, I cannot run away from myself. I committed completely to my relationship for the first time. - Jenny


I learned to take responsibility, Going into the training, I thought my wife was the one with a lot of issues. I learned that I need to take care of my own actions. I learned to support and listen and ask questions rather than trying to fix the situation. I learned about my addictions that I didn’t know I had. I learned a lot of tools to help bring my relationship to an all new level and experience. - Chris



This experience has been truly amazing. My husband and I went into this weekend with a lot of resentment, anger and lack of love. By the end of the weekend we were laughing together, holding hands and closer than we have been in a long time. We now have the tools we learned to help us make this the best marriage possible. - Nichole


This training was exactly what my husband and I needed to go to a deeper level of connection and love in our marriage. It empowered us with tools to be able to share our feelings in a way where we feel seen and heard by each other. I had gone from questioning my marriage to being 100% certain and confident we were perfect for each other! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Colleen



The training was an opportunity for my partner and me to learn more about each other and gain tools we can use in our relationship. We learned important methods on how to resolve conflict in positive ways. - Steve



Couples I gave Dylan and I the tools we will need to be married. I strongly encourage anyone thinking of getting married to do this training with your partner and prepare yourself for what marriage is good and bad. I know Dylan and I talked and did things we would never have, It was amazing and so was Lynne. - Dane



My fiancé and I attended to have better understanding of our relationship and create a strong foundation for our marriage. Couples I was invaluable to us. The homework challenged is to truly understand each other and come out of our individual comfort zones and came together. Everyone should go to this before they are married! We can’t wait for Couples II. - Dylan


It opened up space in our marriage that was previously filled with hurt, anger, and resentment around a affair my wife had that limited how much I was willing to love her. The oneness now in our marriage is limitless. - Steve 


I experienced deeper intimacy, trust, clarity, love, and joy in our relationship than I ever thought possible. Best sex of my life!!!!! - Austin



My breakthrough in this workshop is revealing my and partner’s deepest wound and healing each other. The depth of communication, understanding each other, love is absolutely beautiful. Now I fully understand my partner in a totally different way with love and empathy, and being committed to grow with my partner. - Coco


I had a massive breakthrough in the realm of honesty, respect, and loyalty with my partner and created immense value, connection, respectful communication, acceptance, healing and space for growth with my life partner. - Joshua V




I am so grateful for this experience! I gained so much from this retreat. I learned many tools to use in my relationship, I had a hard time communicating with my partner of 15 years. We were going towards different directions. You learn when you get there that so many couples are going through similar things. It was so eye opening. - Nahelly