“The experiences with my fiancee were priceless. We got clear and aligned on so much of our lives coming together.” –Chris Salvo


“The Couples Retreat created an environment where my fiancé and I could learn how and why we generated each other into our lives. We were able to be honest with each other and created a space where we appreciated every detail and feedback. We learned about how we argue and how to “fight” fairly. I have learned to appreciate my fiancé for everything that he is.”-Brittany McKelvie


“I entered couples full of excitement ready to do the work to grow my marriage. Friday, when we started, I viewed this as work. Today, Sunday, this has been the best time I have spent getting to know my husband and our relationship. I got so much out of this retreat and the couples we shared this weekend with. I cannot wait for Couples II.

Thank you, Lynne Sheridan, I love you so much.”-Demona Barlow



“The Couples retreat was an awesome opportunity to take an open, honest, look at our relationship, our patterns, differences, and similarities. Looking, seeing, experiencing, these and how they affect our relationship was very eye opening, sometimes earth shattering. The retreat training was awesome.”-Lucas Gregg


“I thought that my husband and I had shared everything with each other. Couples gave us a chance to be incredibly vulnerable and honest together, in a place where we didn’t need to be afraid of it. We were able to be tender with each other and really hear and understand each other.”- Becky Gregg


“This weekend at Couples was an amazing experience. I learned so many different things about my partner, and created such a connection.

It was an incredible opportunity to discover new and fascinating things about yourself and your partner that truly is priceless. I recommend this to couples whose relationship is on the “rocks”, and those that are better than ever. Everyone can and will find value. Thanks.”-Justin Knotts


“Couples I is an amazing opportunity where you can create the relationship you have always wanted with your partner in an open, loving, safe environment. It’s revealing- why you do what you do- why you picked who you picked- a perfect mirror of who you are. Not only is it abundant growth in your romantic relationship- it is valuable to every relationship.”-Sunny Nomura


“Couples 1 was phenomenally helpful in deepening the connection between my husband and me. It had just enough experiential processes for it not to feel like just another informational workshop. The information was solid, light, bulbs going off in my head left and right. I felt the connection deepen with each day.”-Carol Lee


“The Couples Retreat is both wonderful and magical for all couples…no matter where they may be in their relationship. There is so much value in this work and the three days together. Lynne is masterful in this great work that she does. All couples greatly benefitted…and it’s such a most important gift to your relationship and the quality of your life.”



“I created a deep connection and authenticity that I didn’t think was possible in Couples I. Lynne provided us with a safe and trusting space for amazing breakthroughs. No matter where you are in your relationship, you can benefit from being in Couples I.”-Cliff Tsai


“This was PERFECT! We have no infidelity, no betrayal of any kind, just the everyday stuff that comes up in the world of marriage & children. In other words, nothing very intense to work out, so to do this together, it was the perfect experience for us to re-charge our love & appreciation for each other & the life we built & are continuing to create over & over again.”-Barb Hernandez Carrillo


“Couples allowed us an amazing opportunity to explore the core issues that create distress, challenges, frustration in our relationship. But, more importantly, it provided greater insight as to why we make such a wonderful pairing, a perfect partnership that was divinely created to heal these hurts in the other. It was such a powerful and worthwhile experience.”-Kelley Baker


“This workshop is amazing. My wife and I had been going to counseling for months, not really getting anywhere. Through this workshop, we were able to work out our complex problems and issues to simple workable solutions. It isn’t easy, but is well worth the effort.” -Anonymous


“Couples retreat has been an oasis in our busy, convoluted lives. Thank you for providing the environment for growth & free ourselves.”



“I see myself in a whole new light. I finally see that the message I learned as a child was from all my caretakers. That message permeates throughout my life and especially shows up with my partner. I am grateful for the tools to see when I am in my story and how to get out of it .”-Colleen Jousma


“This Couples Retreat was truly amazing. My wife and I got so much out of this workshop. We learned how to communicate in a positive way, rather than escalating into a fight, ways of being sexual & sensual without fear of rejection, judgment, or embarrassment & ways to express love and emotion for one another.”-Greg Barlow


“Couples has been a good experience for my husband and myself. It has given us the structure and safe place to truly reconnect with each other, learn and grow. We now have a greater appreciation and understanding of each other and what we each bring to the relationship. We have hope and some tools to move forward.”-Anastasia


“Couples retreat created the space for me to clearly see and understand why I chose Maureen to be my dance partner in life. I understand for the first time why we fight about the things we fight about. What a relief to find out we are right on track and there are answers. Thank you Lynne.”-Bill Olson


“I never realized how challenging facing my biggest, unknown fears would be and in that same moment, how freeing, and rewarding the experience is to just let go… to stop fighting… to be with it… and ok with it. Couples has given my wife and me a new opportunity a fresh start that is truly grounded in purity! Thank you Lynne!” -Anonymous


“I was profoundly surprised by this miraculous workshop. It definitely brought me to a new level of awareness. I highly recommend it.”



“Couples I- is an amazing opportunity for couples in any stage to know themselves and each other more deeply, and become closer. I have reconnected with my wife in a way I have not since before we had kids 7 years ago. We’ve remembered why we fell in love.”-Anonymous


“Couples is a great workshop- I learned some great tools that will really serve to strengthen my marriage. I am excited for the future with my spouse!” -Rebekah Hennes


“Lynne, our time this weekend saved our marriage, as we came thinking it was over. We leave with hope, joy, and peace. Most importantly, understanding of where we are, where we are going, and step out to get there.”-Anonymous


“Couples was an emotional battle with my myself to find what it was that I needed. In turn, I found that in my husband, I am excited to take this energy into our everyday life.”-Kristie Wagner


“It was an intense, powerful, and revealing experience. I was able to forgive my husband out loud and proclaim a better life and future. We have grown together in a short amount of time. Couples I was an amazing experience.”-Tiffany Small-Mitchell


“Couples helped me communicate with my partner in a way that was unknown to me before.”-Ignacio Ramirez


“I was pessimistic about coming, but after immersing myself in the program, I came out feeling totally awesome!”-Bernard Mitchell


“Couples has brought my partner & me to a new level of understanding and appreciating each other. Lynne is completely magnetic and driven to giving everyone an ultimate experience!”-Natalie Day


“Extremely valuable use of time! Definitely advanced where my partner and I were prior to day 1. Valuable to any couple interested in ‘having it all.’” - Matt Massick


“Couples Retreat was a breakthrough for us in our understanding of each other and in a beautiful, new depth of commitment to creating a life-long, rich, rewarding marriage.” - Maureen Olson


“What a remarkable ‘SURPRISE’ of an experience with my wife.  Our already extraordinary relationship blossomed into greater magnificence! Thank you Lynne.”- Christiaan


“The tools we received this weekend will support us to continue our journey as a couple. We discovered new connections and reaffirmed our commitment to each other and our children.”- Betty & Juan Carlos


“Show up, be present, open and committed to finding tools and guidance for breakthroughs in your relationship.” -Anonymous


“Lynne gives an amazing class full of tools that work, experiencing and love. Pursuing a deeper connection, becoming vulnerable in the space she creates.”-Jim Wright