Couples Intimacy Practice

Have you ever done work on your relationship, whether through Couples therapy or retreats, but wished that you could take the therapist or the retreat home with you?


Have you ever learned new support material for your relationship but wondered how on earth you would apply it when you got home?

Have you ever felt elated and in love at a retreat, but then been challenged to create that same passion and depth of intimacy in the day to day of life?

If so, then the Couples Intimacy Practice is for you.

The Couples Intimacy Practice is a three month program, with concentrated support for your relationship

What are the goals?

Enliven your partnership

Expand and deepen intimacy and connection

Practice a conscious relationship, where the maximum psychological and spiritual growth of both partners flourishes.

What's involved?

Bi-monthly Teleconference sessions and conference calls with Lynne Sheridan, L.M.F.T and Couples Coach

Online chat rooms and active sharing with fellow participants on successes, foibles and follies.

Your own 'buddy couple' to work with, challenge and support.

Three in-person trainings that are generally 2 single days on the weekend and a third 2 day overnight weekend.

Lots of surprises and steamy sensuality!


Cost:  $995 per couple

Prerequisite:  Couples I and Couples II