Couples II Retreat

The Couples Retreat II is open to participants who have completed Couples I and understand the communication tools presented, and the patterns or 'dance' in which they engage as a couple.  It is important that participants not only have a conceptual understanding of the practices, but also are actively utilizing what they learned in their relationship. 
In Couples II, participants will:


  • Expand on your understanding of the dance in which you are engaged and learn to change steps mid-dance;
  • Learn to read each other’s signals so that you are responding to what your partner is really saying versus what you think they are saying.
  • Have consistent compassion for your partner, even while in the midst of disagreements;
  • Develop and deepen your capacity for intimacy and the varied expressions of intimacy in relationship;
  • Stand clear in your own convictions and principles, without giving up yourself for your partner;
  • Become adept at fostering a deep and enriching attachment with your partner;
  • Enrich and enliven your friendship with your partner;
  • Learn and then put into practice ways to deepen your intimacy and expand your sexual expression in the privacy of your chalet with your partner.

Warm, comfortable private four-star lodging provided as well as nourishing meals in a family-style environment. There will be some unscheduled time where couples will have the opportunity to process with each other, hike, relax and rejuvenate their partnership.


Pre-requisite: Couples I

Cost: $1895 Per couple - includes meals and lodging

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“Couples II let me experience the “dance” we do and more importantly how to recognize and change the results and break the destructive pattern.  I experienced a much deeper understanding of our relationship, both what is working and what is not working.  I am coming away with a deeper appreciation of how important our love is, and what it really means to me.” - Dave 


“The experiences this weekend opened up beautiful, amazing and relationship defining possibilities.  Actually hearing and seeing how my husband and I “dance” challenged me to be responsible for my role and to understand the pain and fears that control me.  Perhaps the greatest joy was the shift I got to make in practicing being sensitive, loving and open to my husband’s signals for support.” -  Patsi 


“Couples II the second time around was such a celebration of love. So amazing to be able to deepen my understanding and empathy for my partner.  This training is an opportunity to grow your relationship to even greater heights.” - Shellee 


“This training offered so many distinctions for me about differentiation, responsibility, and anger in relationship.  I had huge breakthroughs in understanding myself and Corey better.  The tools and processes supported me in tangibly working through it, when I get stuck or tagged.” -  Juliana 



“I came here with fears about whether our commitment to working on ourselves and our relationship were fading.  We were both hurt, busy, neglectful, and supremely irresponsible.  In the training we realized what we each need (really) and how we are missing the signals our partner gives when they need support, love or just a hug.  A pattern that seemed doomed to repeat – as if at our core we were just too different to make it work – now seems busted up.  We have tools to interpret our “dance” and connect in a way we were both longing for, but couldn’t figure out how to create.” - Kirsten & Kirk


“In Couples Two, we were able to walk through and dismantle what occurs when we argue.  With this new insight, we are now aware of many of the old wounds that keep showing up in our relationship.  We are excited and inspired to learn that there is a new possibility in our communication that will support us in having the marriage we both desire.  Thank you.” - Alen & Carrie


“This training allowed me to take my relationship on a whole new level.  I gained understanding of myself and how I show up in my relationship.  I became clear on how we argue and how we can handle the situation differently in support of growth in our partnership.” -Beam



“Couples II was a way to deepen and strengthen my relationship with my husband.  I saw patterns in our relationship that I had not seen previously.  This has allowed us to connect at a deeper level.  Lynne is amazing.  She has created a way for couples to love, nurture and honor their relationship.” - Cathy


“It is amazing in this Couples II training the deeper love connection created with my partner.  The growth, tools and processes exposed to in the training to create a passionate, open and connected bond with my partner that I never dreamed possible.  10 times more than Couples I.” - Ron



“Just when I thought things between us couldn’t get any better…they have – by attending this training.  We now have tools we can use to help us break up “the dance.”  It’s comforting to know I can reveal my imperfections, be myself, come from my heart, get out of my head and continue nurturing our relationship.” - Sherri 



“This training opened up a much deeper understanding of how our childhood wounds affect our relationship and the “dance” that results.  From this we created a greater level of intimacy and connection.” - Bruce & Kammah Z.


This training gave me THE ANSWERS and tools to address the issues in our relationship. Its processes are enjoyable & informative. Everyone here is open and accepting of any relationship you may be in. Gay or straight, married or dating, close to marriage, or close to divorce. -Oscar


This experience opened a lot of possibility and joy for Lauren and I. We have built a lot of positive experiences since Couples 1, and I was skeptical that Couples 2 would contribute much more value. The training had what I believe to be unintended consequences that will serve Lauren and I going forward with lightness and fun that we were missing. I would recommend that anybody- whether in a flourishing relationship or not- do this training! -Danny


This made a huge difference in our marriage- got to see how we can better support each other, how we can become more intimate & heal past pain and problems. -Rick & Traci 


This experience helped me grow, be open and explore new frontiers without fear. Both Couples Retreats helped me be more aware and understanding of my partnerʼs strengths and weaknesses, and has given me some tools to be more loving & understanding.-Ana & Anoosh


This was a great weekend for our relationship. We grew together to a new level. This work should be done by ALL couples no matter where they are at in life or their relationship. -David 


We started Couples 2 as newly engaged. I was looking to get a great foundation for our new lives together. What I created was a completely deeper understanding of myself and my partner. Amazing understanding and a new space for both of us to jump in to with renewed energy, love, passion, and commitment. -Megan 


Being in Couples 2 showed up perfectly as a mirror of our day to day dance. I discovered that often when my husband is speaking, I hear him, but I donʼt feel him. I clearly learned our “dance” and what my role is in it. Couples II was powerful, profound, and beautiful. - Stacy 


The Couples II training allowed me to truly understand more about my husband. The experiences involved in the training were truly eye opening and allowed my relationship to deepen and blossom. The training was such a safe space that gave me the opportunity to learn more. -Brittany 


Spiritually-enriching and lovingly crafted, Lynne Sheridan takes each couple on a journey of reconnection and authentic communication. During this weekend, I appreciated my partner, myself, and our relationship in a new, creative, and passionate way. It was joyful, blissful, and revealing. Thank you!-Lauren


The homework is my favorite part! I created a new intimacy with my partner. Weʼve established a foundation to anchor us when we start to have conflict. We have gone from having arguments lasting hours and hours, to arguments lasting 15-20 minutes. -Allison 




Couples II showed me my partner for who they truly are. I have learned to appreciate every aspect of them and no longer am looking to “fix” anything in our relationship. The feeling of respect, love, and understanding we share now is irreplaceable.   -Brendon