Counseling Therapy

Lynne is a graduate of Pacifica Graduate Institute, with a Masters in Counseling Psychology. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family, Lic. No. 49100 working in Private Practice in Orange, CA.   Lynne has worked with homeless women, domestic violence survivors, teenagers, couples and families, from a psychodynamic perspective.  Lynne believes that therapy is collaborative, with both parties forever altered through their relationship and work together. 

After 16 years as a transformational coach, Lynne decided to go back to school to pursue becoming a Marriage and Family Therapist because she had noticed that people who had done transformational work or consciousness-raising work were reluctant to participate in therapy when they hit a snag in life.  They did not want to be part of plodding steps forward without notable progress or tangible results showing up in their lives.  Lynne combines her success as a coach, with the one-on-one deep relationship of therapy.  If her clients are willing, she happily will engage them in experiential transformational therapy, a hybrid of utilizing her coaching expertise in a therapeutic context.

Likewise, Lynne is adept at working with clients who are already producing results in their lives, but simply want to take another level or experience themselves more fully alive, passionate and engaged in life.

Additionally, Lynne has designed and facilitates a series of Couples Retreats, where Couples deepen intimacy, expand passion, learn communication that works and fully begin to appreciate their partner's perfect purpose for being with them.

Through her depth psychological training and transpersonal focus, Lynne enjoys working with dreams, symbols and imagery to listen to the unconscious, or soul of the person.  In this way, the therapy is being moved forward by the person’s unconscious wisdom within.

Therapy fee: Please call for pricing and consultation.

Currently accepting clients for individual, couples and family therapy.